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Social Media Marketing for Restaurant

We sat down with Truly Viet to understand what their goals and targets were for their business. After much discussion, we realised that their main goal was to improve their online presence and optimise their digital marketing campaigns. Therefore we devised a plan to assist Truly Viet with their marketing strategy, social media management and business consultancy.

Through the use of multiple digital marketing strategies and tools, we were able to target a far wider audience from several different angles. This didn’t just happen overnight. Before we started, we made it a priority to fully understand the Truly Viet brand and what they wanted to achieve, in order for us to deliver the best possible outcome for our client.

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The restaurant industry in Melbourne is dynamic, saturated, competitive and forever changing. That’s why it’s proving more and more difficult for a brand to make a name for themselves.

Therefore, one of the biggest challenges we faced was boosting the clients’ brand awareness quickly. As Truly Viet was a new business at the time, they had no following or loyal customer base. We were starting from scratch and had to work from the bottom up.

When we first met Truly Viet, they were not in the best shape. Their social media channels were filled with dull and generic content and their reviews were poor as people were failing to understand the Truly Viet brand and concept.

The signature taste of northern Vietnamese food is not common here in Melbourne. Therefore people became quick to judge, as it was unfamiliar territory for them.


Through a lot of research and carefully calculated strategies, we managed to tailor the content for Truly Viet to match the needs of their specific brief. We thoroughly studied and predicted the online trends in order to create attention-grabbing, innovative content that ultimately resulted in increased traffic and sales.

We also made use of a variety of tactics, from online ads to influencer marketing, in order to achieve the best outcome for the client. We completely turned the client’s Instagram from “meh” to “wow”, by designing cohesive and consistent content throughout.

Through the use of professional and high quality photography and videography, we were also able to capture the true essence of Truly Viet, create engaging content and portray this client in the best light possible. We understand that being in the restaurant and food business requires authenticity and uniqueness, which is something we were able to represent via their social media platforms.

One of the best ways to grow your brand and market audience is through the use of influencer marketing. By inviting influencers into their restaurant for a meal and having them post about it on their respective social media channels, we were able to fast track the growth of Truly Viet by tapping into new online markets.

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