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Digital Marketing for Investment Consultation Firm

Working with H2A Investment really forced us to think outside of the box. Although immigration and investments may not “sexy” topics, it was our job to make them as appealing as possible and reach their target market audience.

The key here was to create a clean, fresh and professional look for their brand. Businesses will come to them seeking help and advice, so it’s imperative that their online brand represents their professional high quality work.

Their work is all about helping others, so it was also important for our client that their brand remains friendly and approachable too, in order to maintain authenticity throughout.


Our client’s aim was to tap into both the Australian and Vietnamese market, in order to acquire clients in both countries. Therefore, they needed a team who not only understood the Vietnamese culture but also a team who had a local knowledge and understanding of Australia too.

H2A Investment soon realised that the cost for an in-house marketing team proved too high. They were looking for a team that had a wide range of knowledge, skills and tools under their belt, but for them, an in-house team with these expertise was just not feasible.


At Intelligence4Start, we were able to come in and transform the face of H2A Investment. We became their one-stop-shop for all digital marketing services. Although we were not in-house, we worked very closely with their team to understand their goals and visions, and to do everything in our power to make that vision come to life.

As our team has allegiance in Vietnam and Australia, we became the perfect fit for our client. We were able to tap into both markets with the connections and networks that we have nurtured as a company over the years.

Through the use of web design, we were able to give their brand a facelift, something that represented the current times and allowed them to be viewed as a more reputable company in their field. We then applied our knowledge of Facebook management, LinkedIn Management and Facebook Ads to build up their presence on social media. From there, we used our copywriting skills to create SEO optimised blogs and articles, as well as webinar organisations and online groups to build their community and network base.

Each individual strategy and tool used was paramount in reaching their goal and getting them to where they are today.

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