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Lead Generation for Small Business

This project got our creative juices flowing. It was a project all about revamping an existing company, making them the best they could possibly be. Allowing a business to reach their full potential is the reason why we do what we do.

In this specific case, F2Sport required us to create a deep relationship with their customers and build a bond with their audience, in order for F2Sport to strengthen their ties and expand their existing client base. Sometimes nurturing what you already have can be all you need to take your business to the next level.

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Although F2Sport has built up a customer database over the years, the company was looking for more ways to increase their customer loyalty and engage as many new potential customers as possible.

They had attracted a large number of customers, but getting them to stick around was proving difficult. As the competition increasingly grows in Melbourne, they are no longer the only ones offering their services. That’s why it was becoming more and more challenging for them to maintain their customers year after year.


In terms of digital marketing, F2Sport had two main media channels that were already working well for them. That being their facebook page and company website. Both of these were clear, concise and informative.

However, in order to retain customer loyalty, an increase in daily online interactions with customers was required to not only attract a wider audience, but also to give them a reason to choose F2Sport’s services again.

Therefore, it was our job to create fresh, fun and exciting content to match their brand. This content was then streamed on their Facebook page with the aim of boosting their online engagement. We managed this through a number of different ways; for example through the use of more thought provoking captions to prompt the readers to like, comment and share.

A customer focussed content strategy was also implemented, where we designed a way for customers to provide us with their feedback. This gave them a voice and a platform to share their views. The aim of this was to make the customer feel like the centre of the relationship, to reassure them that they were being heard and that they had a say. Through this, we were able to dispel any worries regarding product quality and also gave them comfort knowing that their feedback was invaluable to the company.

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